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European Central Bank, Frankfurt

The new build at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, based on a design from the Viennese architectural office of Coop Himmelb(l)au under the leadership of Wolf D. Prix, essentially consists of 3 parts. There is the historical Großmarkthalle (market hall) dating back to the year 1928, the two skyscraper towers linked by a giant atrium, and the entrance building, which links the old and new buildings together.

The skyscraper towers are 165 and 185 metres high respectively; including its antennas the building reaches an impressive height of 220 m.

As well as the challenge of constructing the two narrow towers and glass atrium, the renovation of the 220 m-long listed Großmarkthalle will be an substantial element in the planning and implementation. In the course of this the entire hall, which is designed by architect Martin Elsaesser, will be completely gutted, renovated to be revealed in a completely new splendour, both inside and outside. The new Großmarkthalle will then provide space for a conference room, a library and restaurants, among other things.

The new build on Sonnemannstraße will provide the ECB with space for its ca. 2,300 employees, reviving the area around the Frankfurt Osthafen not only in an architectural sense.

The bank plans to move in to the building complex in the year 2014.

Project Scope

  • A total of ca. 7,500 m2 facade, delivered and assembled, including 2.400 m2 steel windows with fixed sections WxH ca 1.8m x 0.9m and motorised opening casements
  • 680 m2 glass/alu-awnings, made from slat awnings, punch windows 1m x 1m and steel swivel and sliding doors
  • 1,600 m2 steel glass roofs WxH ca 1.8m x 0.9m, made from horizontal steel windows with overhead glazing
  • 2,900 m2 steel-alu-glass roofs, made from steel-alu hipped roofs along the gable end, steel-alu skylights above the building’s expansion joints and atrium connections ca. 35m x 4m

Project Info

Architect Main Contractor
Coop Himmelb(l)au Wolf D. Prix / W. Dreibholz & Partner ZT GmbH -
Client Completion date
European Central Bank June 2015

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