Final Panels Installed at Europaallee Building F

This week we check in with the team at Europaallee in Zurich, Switzerland who are celebrating the installation of the final natural stone panel. From all of us here at Yuanda, we want to congratulate the team on a job well done!

Where is Europaallee?


About Europaallee

The “Europaallee” project marks the creation of an urban quarter in a prime location close to Zurich central station, in Switzerland. The ground floor level of this block will host a combination of retail shops and restaurants. It was designed by Boltshauser Architekten AG to invigorate the new urban quarter and the surrounding area. The upper floors of this building are made up of residential accommodation available both for purchase and rent.

The façade is unique as a large percentage is comprised of a combination of glass and natural stone slabs. This gives it a level of elegance that is appropriate to the location (central Zurich). Located close to the central train station it had to be designed to the highest levels of acoustic insulation. Further, in order to meet the requirements of Minergie P  there was a substantial amount of thermal optimisation done to keep the energy consumption as low as possible.

You can read more details about the Europaallee project here.

Interview with Jianfeng Fan

Jianfeng Fan has been working as the project manager for Yuanda Europe at Europaallee, so this week I got in touch to see how he is feeling after achieving such an important milestone.

How long have you been with Yuanda and what is your current role?

I started as Project Manager for EBF site back in 2017.

What would you say is unique about the façade at EBF compared to other projects?

EBF is the largest façade comprised of stone cladding (of its kind) in Switzerland. A large number of the units were oversized and were demanding for both logistics and installation. The majority of the technical complexity mirrored the architectural complexity at both the penthouse and ground floor. In addition to the standard stick system, there are technical fireproofing systems and more than 40 doors (most of which are electronically driven). There were also a number of added components, in order to satisfy the high level of architectural design required in a location like this.

Was there any part of the installation you found particularly challenging?

The scheduled façade installation and the work on stone cladding in parallel. By far the biggest challenge was to coordinate all the various subcontractors to ensure they would work together efficiently to achieve our deadlines.

How did you overcome this/these?

We overcame these with extreme resilience and of course with great teamwork. No one wins alone!

What’s next for you and the team?

The team is going to take the challenge on “Clara Turm” in Switzerland and “Karla Tower” in Sweden. For me personally, I will be part of the team on both projects and focus on the implementation of a new technical system that will make our performance on-site even more efficient.

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