The Yuanda Group (and how our global team works!)

This week we were visited by Mr Kang who travelled from Shenyang, China to meet the team here at Yuanda Europe Ltd. Mr Kang is the Chairman of the board of CNYD (Yuanda China Holdings Limited). It was a pleasure to meet him and show him our day to day operations here in London. In honour of his visit, this week we’re going to take a look at the Yuanda company structure and show how our team is able to deliver multiple world-class projects across Europe and the globe.

Yuanda Group Structure

Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co. Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuanda China Holdings Limited (CNYD). This is the parent company to Yuanda Europe which has under it: Yuanda Europe Ltd. (Basel), Yuanda UK Co. Ltd (London), Yuanda France Sarl (Hesingue) and Yuanda Sweden AB (Stockholm).

Their headquarters are in Shenyang, China, where our main manufacturing and export facility is located. At this location, we have usefully delivered over 550+ Projects (to date) in over 35 countries across the globe. You can see a chart of how the companies are structured below:

Yuanda Company Structure

The Global Yuanda Team

We have an ever-increasing global team which at last count had reached 6,094 employees worldwide. This team consists of experienced facade professionals with extensive knowledge of the design, engineering, management and execution of large and complex commercial and residential projects

The Yuanda Europe teams are predominantly located in Basel and London where we oversee activities in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

This unique blend of technical ability, project experience and Client focus combined with perhaps the world’s largest and most modern manufacturing facility is providing exciting new, CE certified and cost-effective opportunities to the European markets.

Yuanda Operations

Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering teams are located in Basel, Switzerland. This team consists of designers, engineers, procurement specialists, plus project and site management teams, with extensive experience of working on projects in the UK, across mainland Europe and globally.

The core of the Basel team has worked in the facade industry for more than 20 years, on numerous landmark projects. See more on our team here.


yuanda manufacturing

We have a total of five manufacturing centres in China: Shenyang, Anshan, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Our Shenyang export manufacturing facility covers an area of more than 1.4km2, with 22 production halls.

Through these in-house facilities we are able to cut and machine profiles, assemble elements using materials from structural silicone to natural stone (and just about everything in between). These facilities are truly state of the art and a sight to behold.


nes facade performance test

We have a fully equipped indoor test facility for both air and water penetration testing (static and dynamic) and impact testing (soft body, hard body & cradle impact).

All performance testing is witnessed by TÜV Rheinland, our notified body for CE marking (i.e. for Initial Type Testing).

We work with a number of local facilities here in Europe and across the globe to perform both acoustic and fire testing to ensure our designs meet both design specification and relevant standards.


yuanda installation

Installation is managed by project teams that are employed directly with Yuanda. These teams comprise of project and site managers, supervisors, material controllers, health & safety managers and quality managers.

Our on-site labour force is a mix of directly employed and subcontracted installation teams in order to provide the ability to quickly scale to meet demand on multiple sites in tandem.

Through innovations within the teams, we have developed safe methods of installing the facades from the floor using our own installation equipment.

Wrap Up

At Yuanda we work together across multiple continents to design, manufacture, test, deliver and install bespoke facade packages. Our team consists of specialists to innovate and support each stage of the construction process. This has allowed us to deliver multiple world-class projects across Europe and the globe. We couldn’t be more proud of our team and look forward to working together to deliver many more iconic facades in 2020 and beyond.

For more on each of our projects click here.

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