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One Nine Elms Installation Update

One Nine Elms mixed-use development by R&F Properties, comprising of 19 floors of hotel space with a further 25 floors of high-end residential flat on the River tower block totalling 42 floors. The city tower is larger at 56 floors of residential apartments coming in at 204m tall. This is the tallest of the nine elms regeneration scheme. The Podium will be the hotel comprising of a Ballroom, swimming pool and spa, restaurant, and luxury hotel lobby.

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Interview: One Nine Elms Installation Manager

This week I sat down with David Whyton who is Yuanda’s senior installation manager to understand what the team have been working on and how the future is looking.

How long have you been with Yuanda and what is your current role?

I have worked for Yuanda for 5 ½  years, I started out as Lifting Operations Manager, My current position is Senior Installation Manager

Which projects have you worked on?

I have worked on almost all projects in one Roll or another, I still do all the Lift Processes for new projects, projects I have worked on are:

·         Saffron Square

·         261 City Road

·         Old Street Yard

·         100 Bishopsgate

·         One Blackfriars Road

·         South Quay Plaza

·         The Madison

·         Harbour Central

·         22 Marsh Wall

·         Damac Tower

·         One Nine Elms

What would you say is unique about the façade at ONE compared to other projects?

The One Nine Elms Project has a huge Mega Grid formed of vertical and horizontal buttresses outside of the main façade. This is the first Yuanda project with this type of cladding, but I know the team is up to the task.

Aside from the first panel, is there any part of the installation you see as a particular challenge?

As above the Mega Grid is a huge challenge to install and also to access. The vertical and horizontal buttresses have to be installed in a strict sequence, higher up the tower there is also lighting installed in the Mega Grid. This sequencing will have to be micromanaged and coordinated with the lighting sub-contractor.

What innovations have you developed to overcome these?

To overcome the access issues we have developed a few innovative access platforms to assist in the installation, these are “Low-Level Access panels” we have nicknamed DPR’s (Dave, Peter, Richard) who developed the concept.


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