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Team Interview – Hong Liu

This week we decided to mix it up from visiting projects. We thought it we’d start to introduce you to some of the team that make our buildings come to life. Today’s guest is Hong Liu. You may recognise him from the front page of the website!


What is your role at Yuanda?

Project Manager


How Long Have You Been With Yuanda?

I started with Yuanda in 2008 working at the Yuanda factory in Shenyang, China. I originally came to the UK as a setting out engineer then moved to a quality manager, then logistic manager and finally my current role as project manager.


What projects have you worked on?

Currently at The Madison

Since starting with Yuanda I have worked on around 7 projects throughout the UK (but mainly in London). I hope there are many more in the future too!


Why do you like working at Yuanda?

It’s great! We get opportunities to work with multiple cultures from all over the world. There are not many companies where you can work with the Central European design and engineering to the manufacturing in China and the on-site teams from all over the world (even New Zealand!).


What was your education history before Yuanda?

Bachelor degree in Engineering completed in 2005


Tell me something funny…

I have a bell on my desk and every time we solve a problem on-site we’re able to let the site office know by ringing the bell. It started as a small joke between our team, but, has grown to motivate the entire site office to ring the bell every time they solve a problem. It really brought everyone together!


What has been your biggest challenge?

I’ve been involved in many challenging projects in the past. However, as my roles have progressed in responsibility I must say that working at The Madison has been the most challenging. Not because it’s technically the most challenging, but that it’s all on me to make sure it’s done right.


What are your goals for the future?

To keep learning every day from the inspiring people that surround me. In the future, I would like to walk with my children through London and show them just how many of these buildings their Dad has worked on.


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