University of Bedfordshire

Yuanda Partnership With University of Bedfordshire

Today we are very excited to announce that Yuanda Europe has started a partnership with the University of Bedfordshire. With this partnership, we hope to help the university to develop its vision:

“Inspiring our students; broadening understanding and horizons.”

The University of Bedfordshire’s Vision

The University’s vision is to be a leading institution for expanding higher education opportunities: to inspire their diverse student body to achieve ambitious goals and broadening understanding and horizons across the communities they engage in.

Yuanda Europe aim to assist in the career development of the students in this programme bu providing real-life project management experience in high-profile tall buildings within the London construction market.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

The University of Bedfordshire offers multiple courses in construction. With courses in:

Here at Yuanda, we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most inspiring buildings in London, and around the world. Sometimes it’s not until students have finished university that they are able to spend a decent amount of time working in and around large scale buildings like these.

It’s our strong belief at Yuanda that providing hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn. That’s why we see this partnership as extremely beneficial for the students and their future career prospects. Being able to have access to learn from our team and partners in the industry can really help provide students with a clearer vision of their future, help grows their understanding of the industry and allows them to raise their goals higher than they ever thought possible.

Wrap Up

At Yuanda we’re extremely excited at what the future of this partnership will bring. From research programmes to site visits and environmental projects, there is so much we can do together to help inspire the students and broaden their horizons.

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